Ja Rule CDs

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Ja Rule CDs

Welcome to the Ja Rule CDs page.  We have Top Quality Ja Rule CDs (No Burned Copies) for Cheap.  Plus all the Ja Rule Items are on Sale.  And we have Ja Rule DVDs, VHS, Imports, Ja Rule Singles, Albums, Information and More.  So enjoy your visit at Ja Rule CDs.

Ja Rule CDs

Ja Rule CDs
R.U.L.E. (2004)

Ja Rule DVDs
Rule 3:36 (2000)

Ja Rule Cassettes
Always On Time

Ja Rule CDs 

Always On Time 
Between Me & You
Blood In My Eye (2003)
Blood In My Eye (2003) Edited 
Blood In My Eye (2003) Parental Advisory  
Blood In My Eyecd 
Last Temptation (2002) Edited 
Livin' It Up
Pain Is Love (2001) Parental Advisory 
Pain Is Love (2001) Edited  
R.U.L.E. (2004) Parental Advisory  
R.U.L.E. (2004) Edited  
Rule 3:36 (2000) Parental Advisory   
Rule 3:36 (2000) Edited 
The Last Temptation (2002) Parental Advisory  
Thug Lovin 
Venni Vetti Vecci (1999) Parental Advisory  
Venni Vetti Vecci (1999) Edited 
Ja Rule DVD
DMX / Jay-Z / Rule, Ja - Backstage (2000) 
Ja Rule Imports
Blood In My Eye  England
Blood In My Eye  Australia +Bonus Disc
Pain Is Love (Special Edition)  Germany +3 Bonus Tracks 
Rule 3:36  Germany + Bonus DVD
Rule 3:36 (Ntsc/Rc-2)  Japan + Bonus DVD
Ashanti / Rule, Ja - Mesmerize 
Clap Back  Australia
Ja Rule Singles
Morioku, Ai / Rule, Ja - Letter  Japan
Caught Up Pt.1   England
Caught Up Pt.1 (Enhanced)  Germany
Caught Up Pt.2 (2 Track)  Germany
Caught Up Pt.2 (2 Tracks)   England
Clap Back (Enhanced)  Australia 
Livin' It Up (New Mixes)
Reign  Australia
Ja Rule Cassettes
Pain Is Love (2001) Parental Advisory 
The Last Temptation (2002) Parental Advisory 
Ja Rules Information
Emerging in the wake of hip-hop's greatest loss--the deaths of Notorious B.I.G. and 2pac--Ja Rule traded narrative skill for photogenic presence, party-minded rhymes, and a DMX-influenced mode of volatile masculinity. Reflecting the political title of his 1999 debut VENNI VETTI VECCI, Ja Rule is affiliated with both Jay Z's Roc-A-Fella camp and DMX's Ruff Ryders clique. Having guested on both groups' singles, Ja Rule's was well set for solo success. His debut single "Holla Holla" became a national hip-hop anthem.
Rule 3:36 (2000) Parental Advisory   

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