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Mainline Music brings you lyrics, pictures, guitar tablature and more.  From Rock to Rap ... we have it all.  Don't forget to check out our musical instruments section - it has awesome stuff for guitarists and drummers.

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Old School Rap
A Tribe Called Quest Bio and Pictures
A Tribe Called Quest CDs
Bone thugs' n harmony
Bone Thugs N Harmony CDs and Cassettes
Busta Rhymes
Busta Rhymes CDs and Cassettes
Camron CDs
Ice Cube
Ice Cube CDs
Kris Kross Bio - Kris Kross Pictures
Kris Kross CDs
LL Cool J
LL Cool J Posters
Nas CDs and Nas Cassettes
Naughty By Nature Bio and Pictures
Naughty By Nature CDs
Warren G
Warren G CDs
New Rap Artists
Akon Sheet Music
50 Cent
50 Cent CDs and 50 Cent Cassettes
50 Cent Posters
Cash Money Millionaire
Eminem CDs
Eminem T-Shirts - Slim Shady T-Shirts
Eminem Posters
Eminem Sheet Music
Fat Joe
Fat Joe CDs
Ja Rule
Ja Rule CDs
Ja Rule DVDs - Ja Rule Videos
Ja Rule Posters
Jay Z
Jay-Z DVDs and VHS Of Jay-Z
Jay Z Posters
Lil Jon
Lil John DVDs and Videos
Ludacris CDs and Ludacris Cassettes
Ludacris Photos
The Game
The Game CDs
Classic Rap- Lyrics- Pictures
2Pac CDs
2Pac Posters
Biggie Smalls CDs
Biggie Smalls Posters
Big L
Big L CDs
Big Pun
Big Pun CDs and Cassettes
Dr Dre
Dr Dre CDs
Dr Dre Videos
Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg CDs and Music DVDs
Snoop Dogg Posters
Wu-Tang Clan
Wu Tang Clan CDS and Cassettes
Wu Tang Clan Shoes - Wu Wear Shoes
Hardcore Rap
Mobb Deep
Mobb Deep CDs
Necro CDs
N.W.A. CDs
Underground Rap
Mental Complex
Break N Enter Records
Reggae Music
Bob Marley
Bob Marley CDs and Cassettes
Bob Marley Sheetmusic and Tab
Bob Marley DVDs and Videos
Bob Marley Posters - Bob Marley Photos
Daddy Yankee CDs and Cassettes
Ivy Queen CDs and Cassettes
Nicky Jam CDs and Cassettes
Sean Paul
Reggae CDs and Artist
Reggae DVDs
Reggae Action DVDs
Reggae Adventure DVDs
Reggae Biography DVDs
Reggae Concerts on DVD
Reggae Concert Footage on DVD
Reggae Documentary DVDs
Reggae Drama DVDs
Reggae Legends on DVD
Reggae Live Concerts DVDs
Reggae Live Performance DVDs
Reggae Music Video - Rock DVDs
Reggae Oldies on DVD
Reggae Pop Music Videos on DVD
Reggae World on DVD
Reggae Sheet Music
Rock n Roll Madness
Instruments By
Turntable Brands
Denon Turntables
Gem Sound Turntables
Gemini Turntables
Numark Turntables
Pioneer Turntables
Project Turntables
Sony Turntables
Stanton Turntables
Technics Turntables
Vestax Turntables
Guitar Brands
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Double Neck Guitars
Guitars By Artist
Angus Young Guitars
BB King Guitars
Billie Joe Armstrong Guitars
Bo Diddley
Bob Marley Guitars
Brian May Guitars
Brian Setzer Guitars
Buddy Guy Guitars
Chet Atkins Guitars
Clarence White Guitars
Dave Mustaine Guitars
Dimebag Darrell Guitars
Dwight Yoakam Guitars
Elvis Costello Guitars
Elvis Presley Guitars
Eric Clapton Guitars
Eric Johnson Guitars
G.E. Smith Guitars - GE Smith Guitars
George Lynch Guitars
Iceman Guitars
James Burton Guitars
Jeff Beck Guitars
Jimmie Vaughan Guitars
Jimmy Page Guitars
Joe Perry Guitars
Joe Satriani Guitars
John Lennon Guitars
John Mayer Guitars
John Mellencamp Guitars
Johnny Cash
Kerry King Guitars
Kiefer Sutherland Guitars
Kirk Hammett Guitars
Korn Guitars
Mark Hoppus Guitars
Mark Knopfler Guitars
Michael Schenker
Mike D'Antonio Guitars
Mike Kroeger Guitars
Muddy Waters Guitars
Obey Guitars
Paul McCartney Guitars
Paul Stanley Guitars
Randy Rhoads Guitars
Robert Cray Guitars
Sheryl Crow Guitars
Slash Guitars
Stevie Ray Vaughan Guitars
Steve Vai Guitars
Sting Guitars
Stu Hamm Guitars
Tony Iommi Guitars
Twisted Sister
Van Halen Guitars
Victor Bailey Guitars
Yngwie Malmsteen Guitars
Zakk Wylde Guitars
Guitar Tablature
Tablature A
Tablature B
Garth Brooks Tab
Buddy Holly
Jimmy Buffet Tab
Guitar Tablature 3
Guitar Tablature 4
Dixie Chicks Tab
Guitar Tablature 5
Guitar Tablature 6
Buddy Holly Tab
Guitar Tablature 7
Guitar Tablature 8
John Lennon Tab
Guitar Tablature 9
Guitar Tablature 2
Guitar Amplifiers
Joe Satriani Guitar Amps
Drums By Artist
Soul and R&B DVDs
R&B Sheet Music
Easy R&B Sheet Music
Soul Sheet Music
Easy Soul Sheet Music
1960s Soul and R&B DVDs
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Behind The Scenes
Biography Soul and R&B DVDs
Blues Soul and R&B DVDs
Blues Music DVDs
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Soul Concerts and R&B Concerts DVDs
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Soul Divas DVDs - R&B Divas DVDs
Soul Documentary DVDs - R&B Documentary DVDs
Dramas Souls and R&B DVDs
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Gospel Soul and R&B DVDs
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Picture Gallery
Tupac Pictures
Nas pictures
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Jadakiss Pictures
Jennifer Lopaz Pictures
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G Unit Pictures
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EVE Pictures
Run Dmc Pictures
Rock n Roll Picture Gallery
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Guns N Roses
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